1.  To be eligible for final Grand Prix consideration you must be a Dothan Runners Club member.

    2.  Points are earned by running in any of the area races designated as Grand Prix races.  New members
         during the year may count only those races run after joining the club.  Each participant's final point
         standing will be the sum of the points in his/her best 10 of the designated races.

    3.  Points for each race are calculated by dividing the time run in a GP race into your best race time for
         that distance in the previous year and multiplying by 1000.  For example: If your best 5K race time in
         the previous year was 23:45 and you ran a present year Grand Prix race in 23:25, you would divide the
         23:45 by the 23:25 (convert the seconds to decimals by dividing by 60).  Thus, 23.75/23.42=1.014.  Then
         multiply by 1000 and you earn 1014 points for the race. If you had run 24:00 you would have earned 990
         points (23.75/24.0 x 1000). A maximum of 1100 points may be earned at any one race.

    4.  If you beat your best time in the previous year in a Grand Prix race by more than 30 seconds in a 5K,
         60 seconds in a 5 mile (8K) or 10K , or 2 minutes in a 15K or half marathon, then that new time will become
         your new reference time in all future Grand Prix races.  This rule will apply each time the 30/60/120
         second limit is exceeded.

    5.  If you did not run a particular race distance in the previous year, an equivalent time will be assigned
         based on your best times at other distances.  If you did not run any races in  the previous year,
        first race time at each distance will be your base time for that distance and those races will not be
        eligible for Grand Prix consideration.  Base times may be adjusted if one time is too inconsistent with
        the other distances' times in order to promote a fair competition.

    6.  Grand Prix Awards will be presented to the top 3 male and female runners at the Annual Christmas
         Party in December based on the above rules


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