Training Sites

During June, July and August runners meet each Tuesday at Westgate Park for a 5K run/walk on the running trail.  These are non-competitive runs with registration beginning at 5:30 p. m..  and the runs starting at 6:00.  The entry fee is $1 per run and we have plenty of refreshments and usually drawings of some kind. These runs are open to runners and walkers at all levels of ability. Runners participating in at least six runs receive a 'summer series' t-shirt, cap, etc.

Critter Run 5K Course - Click here to go to a course map. 

Hog Wild 5 Mile Course - Click here to go to course map.

Hog Wild 15K Route - Click here for course map.  (5K follows same route and turns around at Park Ave.)

Westgate Park--A number of training runs and races start from this park. In the park itself there is a 3.5 mile loop which is about half in open and half run through the trees. The trees provide some much needed shade during those summer month.  A great choice for the summer. About half is hilly and half level.

Eastgate Park--You will find a two mile loop located on a grass trail around the park.  There are hilly areas as well as some flat areas to run here. The grass and dirt trail is good for the feet and legs. A great change from the pavement.

Northview High School Track--This is good place to do those interval workouts.  You don't have be on the lookout for people in fast moving cars, trucks and bikes.

Dale County Lake--This is located just north of Ozark. The loop is about three miles around the lake. There is a trail around the lake.  The first two miles are paved with asphalt and last part is gravel and dirt.

Troy University (Dothan)--There is a trail at the Dothan Campus.

Troy University--At the main campus in Troy, there is an excellent all weather track facility.

Enterprise -- Henderson City Park on Hwy167 north out of Enterprise (Troy Hwy). The course winds around a playground and a lake, is completely paved and lighted.  Posted hours are 6 am to 10 pm. The lights are never off to the best of my knowledge.  Bathrooms and water are available as well as ample parking. Very clean. The distance varies with the option to make the course a figure 8, but is about 1.3 without the loop and 1.5 with it.  It is not flat.




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