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Barrentine, Katie 27:42-SACF 29:12-Superheroes      
Bennett, David  *   53:51-SWAT    

Baxter, Darrel

25:24-Fit2Fight 26:56-B.Dowling      
Binford, Butch 28:06-Mayor's Cup 28:42-High Noon 59:54* 2:32:46-Rock & Fly  
Binford, Sandra 31:28-Montesorri 34:57-High Noon 72:11-Champs 2:42:21-Rock & Fly  
Bowling, Donny 25:59-Montesorri 27:14-Minuteman      
Carter, Tyson 24:40-Beach 25:32-Superheroes 54:00-Fit2Fight

Durbin, Dave

22:18-Spooky 23:48-High Noon      

Dykes, Larry (w)

38:26-Montesorri 39:54-Superheroes      
Dykes, Ronna 45:46-High Noon 45:46-High Noon      
Forrester, David 23:36-SACF 24:43-Builders Chase 50:05-Fit2Fight    
Gibson, Myles 18:09-Joyces Jog 18:29-High Noon 37:27-Kiwanis River 1:23:22-Boston  

Gouguen, Brian

27:28-Go Wild 27:57-B.Dowling      

Gouguen, Carol

30:09-Pilgrim Chase 30:09-Pilgrim Chase      
Griffler, Carl 30:50-Go Wild 32:17-Superheroes 62:53-Fit2Fight    

Hand, Susan

37:28-Montesorri 38:18-Kidney Foun.      

Hein, Nancy

27:01-SACF 27:01-* 57:48-Fit2Fight    
Houston, Carolyn 22:36-Go Wild-* 22:36*   1:44:38-Centerpoint  
Houston, Mike, Jr. 19:59-Centerpoint 20:18-Going for Gold      
Houston, Mike 21:40-SACF 21:40*   1:43:10-Centerpoint  
Houston, Sarah 26:13-Centerpoint 27:34-High Noon      
Howell, Winston 30:13-Cancer Freeze 32:38-Pilgrim Chase      
Jordan, Malissa 29:57-SACF 34:22-Superheroes 65:01-Gut Run 2:21:55-New Orleans  
Jordan, Randy     49:17-Fit2Fight 2:21:55-New Orleans  
Jordan, Rene 31:50-Vet's Day 32:43-Pilgrim 67:17-* 2:46:00-Seaside  
Korges, Nina 26:01-Survivors 26:01*   1:59:10-Louisana 1/2M  
Logan, Cassie 27:27-Harvest 28:01-Beach      
Morris, Charlotte 42:38-Montesorri 46:05-Pilgrim      
Myer, Bob 28:21-Montesorri 29:23-Pilgrim 59:56* 2:18:55-Fresno  

Nash, Dale

    48:26-Shamrock 1:57:42-Kill Cliff  
Newell, Brooks 22:23-Tasty Tiger 22:41-Superheroes 45:31-Champs 1:42:10-SACF  

Nolin, Chester

 39:50-Fit2Fight 43:37-Minuteman      
Parrish, CJ 23:25-Montesorri 23:25* 50:45-30A Thanksgiving    

Parrish, Jean (w)

43:55-Go Wild 46:49-B.Dowling      

Parrish, Jerry (w)

44:24-Fit2Fight 46:19-B.Dowling  
Thomas, Dale 20:24-Raider 21:44-Pilgrim  43:09*    
Thomson, Debbie (w) 41:29-Go Wild 41:54-High Noon 1:29:34-Fiesta    
Wall, Andy 23:52-Claybank 25:04-Pilgrim 50:39-St. Paddy's 1:55:20-PCB  

Wofsey, Jill

25:44-Tasty Tiger 25:44* 51:07-Fit2Fight 1:55:20-PRA  

Wrenn, Jay

22:10-High Noon 22:10-High Noon 46:15-Champs 1:44:46-Run for Bay  

* Assigned times-race times in 2016 not available. ** New PR due to exceeding previous PR by more than 30 sec (5K), 1 min (5mi or 10K), or 2 min (1/2 marathon).