Barrentine, Katie 32:24-Harvest 34:99-Kidney**      

Baxter, Darrel

26:43-Champs 27:18-B.Dowling      
Binford, Butch 27:39-Fit 2 Fight 28:08-High Noon 61:00* 2:23:35-Thanksgiving  
Binford, Sandra 30:52-Taylor Made 33:14-Pilgrim 65:15* 2:41:31-Seaside  
Bowling, Donny 27:05-W.Howell 27:58-High Noon      

Durbin, Dave

22:48-PRA 23:29-High Noon      

Dykes, Larry (w)

38:38-Taylor Made 40:33-Kidney      
Dykes, Ronna (w) 44:41-Crowdis** 49:04-Love 2 Run      
Forrester, David 23:22-Peanut Proud 24:40-Pilgrim 50:08-Fit2Fight    
Gibson, Myles 19:01-Fallen Heroes 19:33-Love2Run 38:28-Fit 2 Fight 1:24:09-Boston  

Gouguen, Brian

27:35-W.Howell 28:06-High Noon      

Gouguen, Carol

30:43-W.Howell 31:15-High Noon      
Griffler, Carl 31:44-W.Howell 31:44* 70:28-Crowdis    

Hand, Susan

37:03-Fit 2 Fight 39:55-Superhero      

Hastings, Tom

25:28-W.Howell** 27:33-High Noon      
Houston, Carolyn 23:21-sacf 23:21* 49:03-PRA    
Houston, Mike, Jr. 19:03-PRA 19:03*      
Houston, Mike 22:09-crowdis** 23:28*   1:54:01-Highlands  
Houston, Sarah 28:28-SWAT 28:28*      
Howell, Winston 32:09-Rattlesnake 33:53-Pilgrim      
Hunter, Su 39:20-Rattlesnake 42:23-superhero 85:58-Crowdis    
Jordan, Rene 32:32-Taylor Made 32:54-Pilgrim 74:09-champs 2:40:42-Seaside  
Morris, Charlotte 41:42-W.Howell 44:31-love peace      
Moss, Julia 34:12-superhero 34:12-superhero 71:05-Fit to Fight    
Myer, Bob 28:43-Montesorri 29:13-last gasp** 60:45* 2:22:38-hartford, ct  

Nash, Dale

24:52-crowdis 24:52* 48:19-Shamrock 1:48:54-albany  
Newell, Brooks 22:41-high noon 22:41-high noon 50:40-champs 1:42:33-SACF  

Nolin, Chester

39:18-w.howell 42:13-high noon      

Parrish, Jean (w)

44:54-crowdis** 47:43-superheros      

Parrish, Jerry (w)

46:11-fit2fight 47:43-superheros  
Smith, Rozeallan 26:29* 26:29* 55:58-turkey trot 2:14:14-p.c.  
Thomas, Dale 19:22-harvest 20:09-pilgrim 42:18-champs    
Thomson, Debbie (w) 41:23-fit2fight 42:50-kidney 1:28:33-crowdis**    
Wall, Andy 24:52-claybank 24:52* 55:00-crowdis 1:57:09-albany  

Wofsey, Jill


Wrenn, Jay

22:08-safc** 23:07* 48:35* 1:42:05-albany  

* Assigned times-race times in 2017 not available. ** New PR due to exceeding previous PR by more than 30 sec (5K), 1 min (5mi or 10K), or 2 min (1/2 marathon).